Hacker Café!

2A08 @ ITU
Friday, March 4, 2022
4:00 PM

Hello friends!

Want to have a few drinks, some pizza, bond and get into the world of hacking?

Welcome back to a new semester of offensive security ~ we will start out soft, as we have something big in store for you all. The 10th of March we will do a big event with a presentation followed by an interactive workshop in collaboration with Netcompany. This is for the hacker who doesn't know how to hack yet, so you will all have a great chance of fun and learning -- and if everything goes well, this will be the first collaboration of many, to get a full hacker toolbox by the end of your studies! But, to make sure we all have a great experience, we have sat up a more chill afternoon to come and chat, free drinks and fredags-hygge!

Tonight is all about getting to know each other and talk freely about what it is about cybersecurity that interests you. We will both hand out good ideas to practice at home if you so desire, but we will also have a live case study, Emilie, who is currently out there working in cybersec. As she has a job within the sector, she will offer up advice and tidbits, if you are interested in hearing what a job in cybersec *can* look like (she's definitely not top ten HackTheBox!).

You *can* bring your computer and try out some immediate hacking sites (we will not sit on our computers, though), or you can just come, have a drink and chat.

If you feel uncomfortable signing up for the bigger events, as you might not know anybody with these interests, this will be a great way to meet new people in a more relaxed environment. We won't tolerate any sexism and discrimination, and if you are a really inexperienced hacker, we will still welcome you with open arms.

We hope to see you here, perhaps it will make you realize the workshop is just want you want to do! If not, we still want to have a fun evening and no demands will be made this day!

Much love,
HackIT crew

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